2021 Lambton County Science Fair

This year’s fair will be held virtually on the weekend of April 10th and 11th!
All projects will be available for anyone on the internet to see beginning April 6th.
Awards (yes, we will still have awards) will be announced on April 11th.
What is a virtual fair and how will it work? Read our 2021 LCSF Virtual Fair Guide.
Check back here for more information!


Registration for the 2021 fair will be completed through our ProjectBoard site and will open by March 10, 2021. Stay tuned for information on how to register! Read our 2021 LCSF Virtual Fair Guide for information about the virtual fair.

The following documents provide details about the Lambton County Science Fair including general information about the fair, what the displays should look, safety regulations to keep in mind, and a registration checklist to make sure all of the registration steps have been completed.

Information Booklet (PDF)
Display Safety Rules Form (PDF)

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With the 2021 fair being held virtually and project information being uploaded to the ProjectBoard site, there will be no physical display requirements.

Lambton County Science Fair Project Display and Safety Regulations (PDF)

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Not sure where to start? We offer project hints and a discussion forum on Facebook. Also be sure to check out our FAQs and past award winners.